The Ballad Of Fenton Wells

Sep 11, 2014

From the book, 'The author, Chris Jarrell, was born and raised in England.  He is the son of an American serviceman, born in Whitesville, West Virginia, who was based in the UK during WW2.  Chris'smother was a GI bride.'

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'Chris firt visited southern West Virginia in 1995 when he met his American family.  If they had not opened their homes and their hearts to him he would not have been able to write this book.  Over the years Chris has spent time listening to family stories, researching the history of the coal fields and visiting sacred family places in and around Whitesville.  He was devastated to learn that behind the apparent rural beauty of the mountains lining Route 3, lay the flattened remains of Mountain Top Removal.  He would like to dedicate this book in part to the brave environmentalists that operate out of Whitesville, in defence of the mountains and waterways of southern West Virginia.'