Reunited and It Feels So...Nasty: Alpha & Contura Merge

Apr 30, 2018

When coal giant Alpha Natural Resources underwent bankruptcy procedures in 2015, it split into two companies: Alpha Natural Resources and Contura Energy. Alpha emerged from bankruptcy in 2016. Now, the two have announced their merger, keeping the Contura Energy name. Nuptial celebrants will feast on Coal River Mountain, carved up as a wedding cake. Coal River Mountain Watch made the following statement: Mountaintop removal coal mining, Coal River Mountain, Raleigh County, West Virginia Today's merger announcement by chronic polluter Alpha Natural Resources and Contura Energy means bad news for the people and environment of Appalachia so badly impacted by mountaintop removal coal extraction. As a larger entity with more resources and more power, Contura/Alpha will more confidently violate the laws and regulations meant to protect us. Regulatory agencies will continue to ignore violations, with even stronger pressure to look the other way when the coal company pollutes our water, air and land. Coal River Mountain Watch calls upon all people of conscience to help us oppose this Goliath coal company's deadly and destructive operations, which are even now demolishing over ten square miles of Coal River Mountain (

Alpha/Contura release: