Final Order on Long Ridge #1 Mountaintop Removal Appeal

Jul 6, 2017

The lessons abound in this ruling from the WV Surface Mine Board. "Rigid jurisdictional requirements established by the Legislature" apply to citizen groups but not coal companies. Coal River Mountain Watch is "sophisticated." West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection posting on their website constitutes serving notice. WVDEP officials should not be relied upon to answer questions regarding the application or enforcement of the laws they're supposed to apply and enforce. So, if you have a question or complaint, make sure you contact WVDEP attorney Jason Wandling at or 304-926-0499 extension 1446. Because he agreed 100% with Alpha Natural Resources attorneys from the firm Jackson Kelly, he must be confident in his ability to do the job of which other WVDEP employees are incapable.  And if you would help Coal River Mountain Watch hold polluting coal companies and their tax-paid enablers in government agencies accountable, please sign up for our email alerts and consider a tax-deductible gift at Thank you!