Health Impacts

On this page you can access the most recent scientific peer reviewed research on the health impacts of MTR and coal mining in general on local communities.  The research is listed in order of publication date.  Nine of the studies are specific to mountaintop removal.  Each page includes a summary of the purpose, results, and important quotes as well as a link to the full article. Some of the more recent articles do not have details yet as the papers are in press or recently published.  Please check back soon for updated information.  

Note:  These summary pages are written as introductions to the studies.  Please refer specifically to the attached papers to quote directly from the authors.


Ahern M, Hendryx M. (In Press) "Cancer mortality rates in Appalachian mountaintop mining areas." 

Hendryx M, Ducatman AM, Zullig KJ, Ahern MM, Crout R. (2012) "Adult tooth loss for residents of US coal mining and Appalachian counties."  

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The map below indicates the counties in central Appalachia in which Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining occurs:


From Esch, L. and M. Hendryx.  (2011) “Chronic Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Mountaintop Mining Areas of Central Appalachian States.”