Are you being affected by a mine site, prep plant, impoundment, blasting, flooding, dust, polluted water, coal trucks, or any other coal company related problem?  The following pages contain information for dealing with some of the issues you might be facing.  

Guide to Citizen Enforcement Options - Explains the options available for filing complaints and taking legal action against mine operators.

Citizen's Complaint Process - Details the process for filing formal and informal complaints with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and the federal Office of Surface Mining.  

DEP Customer Service sheet [PDF] - Quick guide to filing complaints with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.  

Emergency Spill Response Process sheet [PDF] - Outlines the process for reporting industrial spills into waterways.  

Blasting - Explains options available to you if you are dealing with bad blasting from a mine site.  

Bad Water - Explains options available to you if your drinking water has gone bad.  

Guide to Major Environmental Laws and Statutes - Explains the environmental laws regulating mining.

Permit Information [PDF] - Contains information on reading mining permits and what to do if a mining permit may impact you.  

Digital Information Handbook - Explains how to find online information about mining permits, clean water act permits, state-wide stream monitoring and coal seams.  

Freedom of Information Act Request sheet [PDF] - Explains how to request information under the Freedom of Information Act.  

Agency Contact Information - Contact information for the state and federal agencies that regulate surface mining and surface mining related issues.   

Health Impacts - Read about the peer-reviewed impacts of coal and MTR on the public health of local communities.