Must Watch! Dr. Hendryx on Why Mountaintop Removal Must End.

May 22, 2018

This is probably the most powerful and incisive 14 minutes of why we work to end mountaintop removal. This is Dr. Michael Hendryx, the lead researcher on health impacts of mountaintop removal, on TED Talks:  “1,200 excess deaths every year, in MTR areas, controlling for other risks… Eventually, scientific truth does and will win out. How many lives will be lost while we wait? Too many already.” Watch at           Please watch, listen, and act. Lives depend on it. What can you do? For starters…

Support a grassroots, frontline group working to end mountaintop removal. That would be Coal River Mountain Watch, with a tax-deductible donation at (monthly sponsorships are super helpful). And call and write your US Representative and Senators, telling them to support the Appalachian Community Health Emergency (ACHE) Act. Find them at and . Thanks! And share this video with a friend. Everyone needs to know that mountaintop removal is killing people.