STEEP Challenge 9 Days Left

Dec 22, 2017

Great news! We’ve raised over 80% of the funds needed to meet the STEEP challenge. But we still need to raise another $11,000 by Dec. 31 to receive a challenge grant of $10,000. We know we can rely on our friends to rise to the occasion to make the most of our planned solar power installation. Please help us meet the challenge by giving today at or  The Show & Tell Energy Education & Policy (STEEP) project will install a solar electric system at the Judy Bonds Center for Appalachian Preservation in Naoma, WV, on the front lines of extreme coal extraction. STEEP will educate about solar as a viable source of energy and employment, show firsthand the deadly impacts of dirty coal in our area, and promote policy to transition from coal to renewables.


By replacing our coal-fired electricity with clean solar generation, we will annually keep over 10,000 pounds of coal in the ground and over 19,000 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. With battery backup, the Judy Bonds Center will provide a vital community resource for disasters and power outages, directly across the road from the post office. Residents will be able to contact loved ones, check emergency updates, have a hot meal, have a hot shower, and, if necessary, have a warm bed for the night.


The Solutions Project has offered a challenge grant of $10,000 if we can raise the remaining project total of $60,000 by the end of 2017. The Appalachian Stewardship Foundation has approved a grant of $18,500 for the installation of the battery-ready solar array by Solar Holler. With other donations and grants, we’ve raised over 80% of the $60,000 needed to get the challenge grant. Please help us meet the STEEP challenge by donating at or Thank you!