EPA Investigates Massey Operations

Nov 05, 2009

Thank you, EPA, for beginning to enforce the law!

Youtube video of blasting operations under investigation here.

After tens of thousands of concerned citizens contacted the EPA and the White House about the danger of blasting on Coal River Mountain and the loss of wind power -- the EPA showed up!  They inspected Massey operations on Coal River Mountain, and questioned whether the work requires a dredge-and-fill permit, which Massey does not have.  The EPA sent a detailed list of questions to Massey, which the company is reviewing.

Part of the letter: "EPA is concerned that Marfork Coal Company may be committing signficant resources and conducting operations in reliance on a Section 404 permit that has not been issued. The Corps has not yet made a determination of jurisdictional waters and we have some concern that ongoing activities at the site could impact such waters if sufficient precautions are not exercised."

Read more from Charleston Gazette reporter Ken Ward here.