"Impact of Coal on Our Lives" Rally

Jan 19, 2011

Acting West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has called for a rally at the State Capitol at 2pm on Thursday Jan. 20 that, according to his Jan. 14 media advisory, encourages the public to “show the EPA how coal impacts our lives, and the lives of our fellow countrymen.”

To illustrate just some of the impacts of coal on our lives, impacts we feel the acting governor and other politicians will fail to mention, we will gather with photos, water samples and stories of the impact of coal on our lives, our health, our wallets, our communities and the forest and streams we depend on.

The impact of coal on our lives includes serious negative effects on human health, blasting damage, stream contamination, increased risk of flooding, disbandment of long-standing communities, and the destruction of our cultural heritage.

Soon after the event concludes, photos will be uploaded here.

Click here for an extensive list of studies and testimonies detailing some of the impacts of coal on our lives.