Peachtree Falls Cleanup Photos

Aug 7, 2019

On July 20, 2019, Coal River Mountain Watch's Tadpole Project conducted the 7th annual Peachtree Falls cleanup event. CRMW staff, with local and visiting volunteers, cleaned up trash and junk from Peachtree Hole up Peachtree Creek to Peachtree Falls. Then the kids (and some adults) took advantage of the cool water on a hot day. Afterwards, we had a cookout and local music to celebrate CRMW's 20th anniversary. You can follow the Tadpole Project on Facebook at and CRMW at Tadpole Project cleanups are normally the 3rd Saturday of the month. Contact the CRMW office if you'd like to participate (please, we need more hands!). We provide bags, gloves, drinks, and snacks. Here are some photos: