Action Alert: Support veto of Spruce Mine


Contact the Environmental Protection Agency in support of their efforts to veto the Spruce No. 1 mine, which would be the largest mountaintop removal mine in Appalachia.

The EPA previously vetoed this mine, based on the severe impacts that the mine would have on local waters and communities, but the ruling was appealed by the coal industry.  In late March,  a federal court overturned the Environmental Protection Agency’s veto.  This month, the EPA filed for appeal. By appealing this case and defending its strong science, the EPA is pressing forward in its commitment to enforce the 40-year-old Clean Water Act and to ensure that the full protections of that law are finally brought to Appalachia, where they’ve been ignored for too long.

Please urge the EPA to continue its efforts to enforce the Clean Water Act and protect communities from the disastrous effects of mountaintop removal.