Coal River Mountain Hearing on New Destruction

Jul 26, 2016

On July 12, CRMW staff, interns, volunteers, and other members attended the “informal conference” public hearing held by the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection to voice our opposition to Alpha's new "Center Contour" mountaintop removal permit application. CRMW co-director Debbie Jarrell handed the DEP representative over 1,200 petition signatures opposing the permit.


New Mountaintop Removal Site Visit June 28, 2016

Jun 29, 2016

On June 28, Coal River Mountain Watch's Vernon Haltom and interns Michelle Muska, Ashley Le, and J-sav Savino went on a site visit of the new permit (S300316) proposed by Alpha Natural Resources on Coal River Mountain. We were accompanied by WV Dept. of Environmental Protection and Alpha personnel. Please sign and share our petition to stop this destruction at Please also consider attending the public hearing ("informal conference") July 12, 2016, at Marsh Fork Elementary School in Rock Creek, WV, to state your opposition to this public health hazard.


Video and Petition: Save Coal River Mountain

Jun 20, 2016

Just watch this new video. Do you think the communities of Coal River Mountain, the health of the citizens, and the striking beauty are worth saving? We do. So after you watch the video (or before, we're not picky), please sign the petition to save it from bankrupt Alpha Natural Resources' proposed 561-acre "Center Contour" mountaintop removal site.


WVDEP Reaches Agreement in Principle with Alpha

Jun 9, 2016

“If the met coal market becomes more vibrant, Alpha will be well-positioned to restart or increase production at those sites . . . That would benefit all West Virginians as well as ensure a steady flow of money for environmental cleanup.” This means that they intend to blast the smithereens out of Coal River Mountain to pay for "reclamation" at the other mountains they've demolished. The toxic blasting dust will NOT benefit the West Virginians who will go to their graves from breathing it. March 8, Coal River Mountain. Flyover courtesy

DEP Reaches Agreement in Principle With Alpha Natural Resources


Yet Another Mountaintop Removal Site Planned

May 31, 2016

Alpha Natural Resources, the bankrupt coal company that continues to conduct mountaintop removal (a public health hazard) while its executives reap millions in bonuses and lay off underground miners and cut retirees' benefits, has another mountaintop removal site on the drawing board. The Eagle South site would destroy 1,028 acres on Coal River Mountain above the communities of Rock Creek and Arnett. A big part lies between Rock Creek and Righthand Fork, only three-tenths of a mile from some of the homes on Rock Creek Road and only half a mile up the holler from our previous volunteer house. If you think that mountaintop removal is over, think again. Please help us stand against this as well as the "Center Contour" permit (see below).


New Mountaintop Removal Planned for Coal River Mountain

May 28, 2016

Please stand with us to stop Alpha Natural Resources' latest mountaintop removal permit application on Coal River Mountain. The comment period ends June 3, 2016. The 561-acre “Center Contour” permit, S300316, would destroy the area between the active Collins Fork/Workman’s Creek mountaintop removal site and the not-started Eagle #2 permit and stretch a mile closer to the pending Long Ridge #1 permit. The site is two miles long and nearly a mile wide in spots. Alpha plans on 11 sediment ditches totaling 3.5 miles in length. Please continue reading to help us stop this new assault on our communities' health.


Campadre Antonio Zambarino

May 18, 2016

Renowned photographer Antonio Zambardino has passed away. Antonio was a genuinely good person, who spent several months in southern WV in 2010 documenting the struggle against mountaintop removal.   Rest in peace Antonio.